Individual Therapy


Therapy is the process of opening, and integrating those parts of yourself you have locked away.

Therapy is the journey back to wholeness.

Along the way, you will find the beauty and light that was locked deep inside all along.

Sometimes we lock painful feelings deep inside, denying or even forgetting them altogether. We become sealed up tight like an oyster shell.

Along with the painful feelings, we lock away our true selves, our vulnerability, our love, and our beauty. By slowly opening to our secret pain, grief, anger and other feelings, we also regain access to our capacity for intimacy and joy.

In therapy you can:

Learn to trust again, but trust wisely

  • Learn to trust yourself
  • Learn to trust others

Learn to feel and tolerate your emotions

  • Feelings can be overwhelming, like a tidal wave crashing over you
  • Learn how to modulate, tolerate and ride the wave to shore

Learn to identify what you feel and what you need

  • By knowing and accepting what you feel you will know what you need
  • Therapy is a journey of discovering your birthright to feel what you feel, need what you need, and to have your needs